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4 Ways to Save Smarter and Make Your Money Work Harder

Managing All Your Bills Can Be Overwhelming

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4 Ways to Save Smarter and Make Your Money Work Harder

How much time do you spend on average thinking about all of the ways you could save a few dollars? If you’re like most people, chances are your bank account keeps you fairly preoccupied on a daily basis. You may find yourself sweating during sleepless nights, trying to figure out where your dollars are heading when they’re not on your debit card.

Do you ever wonder if it’s possible to squeeze your pennies any harder than you already are?

The truth is that there are plenty of tools right at your fingertips to help you save tons of money – without requiring much effort from you. Find out how you can save money and earn money with these handy tools.

Trim down your monthly expenses.

Does your wallet ache every time your cable bill arrives in the mailbox? Does your internet bill only make the pain worse?

If you feel like your cable and internet company may be getting the best of you, there’s a possibility you could be right. AskTrim.com is a new artificial intelligence bot that can help to negotiate lower rates on your monthly expenses.

With an average savings of $30 per bill and $1.2 million saved just in the past month, Trim is certainly worth looking into. All you need to do is make an account and upload your bills from this month. In exchange for getting a reduced rate, Trim keeps 25% of the savings and you pocket the rest.

Could it be any easier to save on your bills than that? Signing up for Trim should be a no-brainer for anyone who wants to see if their bills could be lower.

To get this little bot in your life, sign up with Facebook or your email address.

Find Your Credit Score.

Do you have any idea what your credit score is? Do you even know why it matters?

Your credit score affects every part of your financial life, including what auto loans, mortgages, or credit cards you might qualify. This isn’t information you should have to pay for though.

With CreditSesame.com, you can gain access to a free credit report and see where you stand. From there, they will give you a crash course on everything you need to know in order to improve that number. Credit Sesame includes monitoring and alerts if anything new shows up on your credit report, giving you a heads up of any identity theft.

Keep a closer eye on your credit score by signing up for a free account with Credit Sesame.

Start planning for retirement.

Having a hard time looking into the future to plan for your retirement savings account? You’re definitely not alone. Retirement savings can be a hassle that leaves you feeling discouraged with bleak feelings for the future.

If you’ve already started your own 401(k) but aren’t sure how it’s doing, maybe Blooom.com can offer some assistance.

All you have to do is keep making regular contributions to your account through your employer. Connect the account through the platform and start to see where you may be going wrong. Blooom works hard to make sure that your portfolios are properly balanced and continues to manage your money for you for a low sum each month.

How little does it cost to gain access to this service? Sign up for Blooom.com today and pay as low as $10 per month for high-tech money management that focuses on your future.

  • Pay attention to your savings account.

Does your paycheck mysteriously disappear each week with not even a penny remaining? It may be time to start putting Acorns to work bolstering your savings.

You won’t even have to think about the transfer. All you need to do is link your account to your card and it rounds up your purchases to the nearest dollar. If your lunch cost $7.50, then Acorn rounds it up to $8.00 and puts the extra $0.50 in a savings account for you.

You can also set it up for automatic transfers daily, weekly, or monthly.

The best part? Not only does your money end up in savings for a rainy day, but Acorns also invests it. That means your money is hard at work making more money for the future.

For only $1 per month, you can start saving and allowing your money to work harder for your future with an Acorns account.

Earn interest on your checking account.

Have you ever wondered whether your money could be working harder for you? The truth is that some checking accounts can yield interest on the money you place there. Such is the case with Aspiration Summit.

For no minimum monthly balance, you can begin to put funds into a Summit account that accrues 0.25% APY on your money. Higher balances (over $2,500) earn an even greater interest rate of 1.00% APY.

This is money that you use on a daily basis – you can add and take money out of it daily with no hassle.

What else is there to love about these checking accounts? They have no monthly fees, no minimum deposit, and no ongoing requirements to keep your account active. There’s no risk at all to sign up and start making your money work harder today with an Aspiration Summit account.

Don’t keep stressing about where your money is going each month. Start adding some back into your wallet and putting your money to work with these convenient apps and programs today.



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