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5 Legitimate Work From Home Jobs (You Will Be Surprised They Existed!)

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Every dreamed about just rolling out of bed and start your work day? Well, its time to take advantage of the mobile economy. Here are 9 legitimate work from home jobs that you might never though existed.

  1. SYKES

Sykes is a full-time work for home job. The position’s they hire for are customer service representatives all calls are inbound non-sales positions. To qualify you must have a home computer as well as a landline phone. Salaries at Sykes range from $8-$11 and hour.

2. Enterprise Rental Car Customer Service

If you live in any of the following states Ohio, Minnesota, Illinois, Oklahoma, Nevada, Tennessee. Enterprise is looking to hire Customer service inbound calls. The hour rate is $12.75/hr which is higher than the above state’s minimum wage. Here is the link for more details and how to apply Enterprise Jobs

3. Amazon

We talk alot about of Amazon here at Daily Cheddar for being one of the best sites to buy products online especially on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But we also need to mention Amazon is a great company to work for on a telecommute basis. If you are Bilingual then opportunities as work from home customer service jobs at Amazon are even great. Time to brush up on you on your Spanish and French. Here are just a few at home jobs Amazon offers.

  • Communications Manager Reinforce company’s customer-centered culture by developing and implementing communications strategy. Requires a Communications-related bachelor’s degree, great writing skills, and 7+ yrs’ experience. Fully virtual/home-based position.
  • Customer Service Team Manager, Bilingual French/English bilingual candidate needed for a telecommute job responsible for monitoring teams, resolving issues, evaluating data, making improvement recommendations. Associate’s degree, two+ years’ customer-based experience required.
  • Human Resources Sourcing Recruiter HR sourcing recruiter sought for a mostly remote job requiring a BA/BS, one+ year relevant experience, research skills, and excellent interpersonal skills. Will evaluate needs, implement strategy plans, make recommendations.

4. Anthem

With the largest segment of our population retiring the healthcare sector of our economy is booming with no signs of slowing down. Anthem is fits perfectly in the category of secure and high paying jobs in the health care sector, and lucky enough for us they have a few work from home positions available.

  • Medicare Coding Auditor Perform audits on data collected on physician medical records. Ensure coding is compliant with risk requirements. Give recommendations and solutions based on results. A medical coder certification and one year of coding experience are req. Remote.
  • Customer Care Representative I Responsible for completing basic training and performing job functions. Will respond to questions from customers received by written correspondence and phone and analyse/resolve problems. Call center exp. is preferred. Remote option job.

5. Appen

With Technology and AI the next wave of the future. Appen can be the right fit for someone that wants to stay ahead of the times. Good to know not all jobs have been taken over by robots, here are a few that you can do from the comfort of your home.

  • Social Media Evaluator Will work on evaluating the relevance and quality of information in ads, newsfeeds, and search results. Must be an avid social media user. Strong communication skills are needed. Part-time, remote role working 1-4 hours per day 5 days per week.
  • Crowdsourcing projects range from audio transcription to online user experience and web site content evaluation.   All work is completed remotely within the borders of the United States and via the internet utilizing state of the art customer and/or Appen proprietary web-based platforms.
  • Data Annotator/Voice Coach Linguist Native speakers of Mexican Spanish for multiple roles. In the Annotator position, the candidates are expected to perform semantic annotation and evaluation tasks.

As the Daily Cheddar team does more research for legitimate work from home jobs we will be updating this page. Check back from time to time. Please leave comments or questions below.



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