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Can You Get Paid To Get In Shape? This Might Do it!

Healthy Wage

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Losing weight is certainly a tough task, but is it actually possible to lose weight and gain money at the same time? It sounds like the most unbelievable offer ever for staying healthy, looking good and keeping your bank balance topped up, but it’s all true thanks to HealthyWage.

Check from HealthyWage to David http://inquisineer.blogspot.co.uk/

David Kurtz was determined to start losing weight in the New Year – as with most people, he’d found the holiday period had a disastrous effect on his waistline:

“Just like a bear preparing for hibernation, it seems I always gain weight in the fall as the days shorten, the weather gets worse, and the holiday food appears”

Now, David knew from past experience that dieting and exercise was tough to maintain, so how was he was going to start losing weight and stay on track? Thankfully, after seeing a feature on MSNBC, he soon found a fantastic method in the HealthyWage program. Not only did it promise to keep him motivated, but, even better, there was the tantalizing offer of a financial reward.

All David had to do was lose 10% of his bodyweight and HealthyWage would pay him $300. And you know what? David did it in six months and walked away a much slimmer man with $300 in his back pocket. How on earth, though, did HealthyWage provide such amazing results?

HealthyWage Explained

Everyone likes a little wager, it spices things up and, if you put a bit of time and effort into it, you can walk away a richer person. And HealthyWage is essentially a gamble, but this is much more beneficial than wasting your wages on a horse race or Lottery Ticket. The name of the game with HealthyWage is weight loss, pure and simple.

It’s a creative approach to making money and losing weight which doesn’t rely on blind luck. Barbara Welsh wanted to lose 30 pounds in six months and, after investing $100 a month for six months, she was in line to win a cool $1,269 if her goal was met. Naturally, Barbara was a little skeptical, but after receiving her check for $1,269 she said:

“The old saying ‘If it sounds too good to be true it probably is’ does NOT apply in this case. One of the best investments you can make is an investment in your health”

And Barbara is 100% correct by stating that health is all important, but if you can make a little bit of cash out of it then it becomes even better! Here’s how it works:

  • First off, you need to head over to the HealthyWage and check out their HealthyWage Prize Calculator so that you can enter the following information:
    • The amount of weight you’re aiming to lose – this has to be at least 10% of your starting weight and can range from just 10 pounds up to 150 pounds
    • How much time you’re willing to take to lose this weight (6 – 18 months)
    • The amount of money you’re happy to stump up each month, this can be between $20 to $150 per month
  • Once you’ve entered all this data, it’s time to commit and hit the Sign Up button.
  • The final step, of course, is the hardest and that’s to lose the weight and claim your prize.

Perhaps the biggest concern with such a system is that unhealthy, crash dieting could be incorporated to guarantee winnings, but at the expense of personal health. In order to avoid this, HealthyWage states that you start and finish the program with weigh in videos. And, to monitor your progress, a weekly weigh in is required to keep tabs on your weight loss.

What happens, though, if you fail to meet your goal? And just how hard is it to stick to the schedule?

Stay Motivated and Get Your HealthyWage

As with all wagers, there’s a level of risk attached to investments made in the HealthyWage program. So, if you fail to meet your goal in the agreed time, all of your stake money goes to HealthyWage to help support the program and fund prizes for those who are successful with their weight loss.

Now, I’m pretty certain that – if you’re reading this article – you’re determined to lose pounds and earn money along the way, so losing isn’t an option. How easy, though, is it to stay motivated and find yourself in a slimmer pair of jeans with some spare dollars to spend on the things you enjoy?

Many people find the financial reward a strong incentive as Ben Carnes – who weighed 370 pounds when he started HealthyWage – explains:

“I knew that if I put money on the line, it would be a double-motivating thing. I didn’t want to lose the money I was putting in. And my wife and I agreed that if I won, I got to spend it on anything I wanted”

Ben Carnes on Jan. 14, 2016, after losing 100 pounds with the help of the HealthyWage program.
(Courtesy of Ben Carnes)

HealthyWage can, in the early stages, prove tough and, sometimes, a little reminder of the stake is important to keep focused as Carnes points out:

“I was feeling sorry for myself. I hadn’t lost any weight for like a three or four week span. My wife actually at one point called me out. She kinda yelled at me and said, ‘We’re paying way too much money for you to just bail on this now’”

The end result? Carnes lost just over 100 pounds and pocketed a cool $1,500 in the process.

Amber Temerity, meanwhile, came up with a three point motivation plan to ensure she reached her goal of losing 60lbs in nine months:

  1. Go public with your weight loss plans, there’s no better incentive that showing your friends and family that you’re achieving what you’ve set out to do
  2. Track everything be it emotions or weight loss, once you notice anything going in the wrong direction then you know it’s time to change things up
  3. Exercise every day for 15 minutes to help burn those calories and keep the pounds off

Amber followed this plan to the letter and ended up with a check from HealthyWage for over $1,500!


Clearly, with the right amount of preparation and determination, HealthyWage provides an exciting option for meeting your weight loss goals as well as bringing a little bit of excitement to the process. So, if your aim is to transform your body and your bank balance, HealthyWage is right for you!


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