Unemployment Benefits Explained

By Daily Cheddar Team - 10/23/2021

We may not avoid things and circumstances that happen just right out of the blue. In just a matter of time, what we value most might be gone easily. Hence, one of the things that we are holding to is to make a living. However, what will happen if making a living may lose out from our grip instantly? Automatically, we will have a hard time dealing with this problem and how to continue the things we used to live before. 

Indeed, being unemployed is a hard thing to have, especially when times are in crisis. But, there are measures our government does to help its citizens cope until they can find another way to make a living. Read on and learn what and how the government makes a move to provide for the people through its unemployment benefits program.

Unemployment Benefits 

Most of us, if not all, know what unemployment benefits are. These benefits are also known as unemployment insurance, where the government provides funds for an unemployed person or people until one can find another job. A governmental insurance system funds these payments and notes that these are not taxes on individual citizens. This insurance covers the basic needs only of an individual or compensation of the lost time, which is proportioned to the previous salary earned.

Unemployment Benefits Eligibility

Though the government gives these funds, there are also boundaries to where these funds will go. Upon availing of this insurance, the government has the right to screen people who are only eligible to have this benefit. So, who is eligible for these benefits? 

In every state, each has its own unemployment benefits eligibility, and usually, they have something in common, and these are:

  • If you are unemployed but the reason is not your fault, meaning you lost your job because of lack of available work.
  • You can also avail of this benefit if you meet the wage and work requirement of the state you are in. Like your base period or wages earned. You can check your state’s requirements for full details of what you need to accomplish.

You are not eligible to avail of these benefits if you are one of the following:

  • Short length of employment tenure (Insufficient Earnings)
  • Freelance Worker, A Contract, or Self-Employed
  • Fired Employee for justifiable cause
  • Giving out false information
  • You quit without a good cause

There may be a consideration also and might be able to avail these benefits if your quit your job but with some of these valid good reasons:


  • Emergency or Illness
  • Unbearable or abusive working atmosphere conditions
  • Drastic pay reduction
  • Your employer fires you without good cause

You can also visit your state’s policies regarding unemployment benefits to check some detailed information that may also apply to your unemployment status.

How Can You Apply

The first thing you need to do, as soon as possible, is to contact your state’s unemployment insurance program.

Importantly, you should be filing your request to the state where you worked. In some other states, they have a state unemployment insurance agency wherein they can help you with your claims.

Upon filing, certain pieces of information are needed. So, make sure to give your complete and correct information.

Usually, right after you have applied, your request's processing may take 3-4 weeks.

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