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Credit Karma vs Credit Sesame: Fighting to Improve Your Credit Score

The answer to your mounting debt and terrible credit score lies within Credit Karma and Credit Sesame. And, if you don’t know about them, it’s time to get acquainted.

Everyone, at some point, falls into a little bit of debt. Sometimes it can be as simple as a loan on a laptop that you’ve failed to pay back, sometimes it can be as complicated as not being able to make your mortgage repayments. Either way, debt can put a debilitating drain not just on your finances, but also your happiness. Now, a clean bill of financial and emotional health is the holy grail for most people, but the problem is that they fail to get themselves out of their financial mire. And, the truth is, there’s a lot you can do to help yourself pay off debt.

As we’re in the modern digital age, it should come as no surprise that the answer to all your problems lies in the shape of a couple of apps. In particular, Credit Karma and Credit Sesame can help turn your financial misfortune around and elevate your credit score to unthinkable levels. You’re probably itching to sign up, but before you do that, let’s take a look at which one is best for you.

Getting to Grips with Credit Karma

Credit Karma’s ultimate goal is to leave you financially sound and there are very few people who don’t want to end every month in that position. And Credit Karma instantly gets you started on the right footing as it’s a free app available for both Apple and Android devices. So, you’ve now got free access to your credit score, but what else can Credit Karma offer?

Sure, you may want it to also stream the latest Hollywood movies, but you need a completely different app for that. Instead, Credit Karma is going to help you take control of your finances and credit score through the following features:

  • Estimates your credit score by using credit reports from Equifax and TransUnion
  • A credit simulator which allows you to run through various scenarios and the impact of those outcomes on your credit rating
  • Access to a search service that allows you to investigate unclaimed money that may be lying in government databases
  • A selection of calculators such as a debt repayment calculator and a home affordability calculator

These features come with a wealth of benefits, namely the depth of understanding that Credit Karma can provide on your immediate finances. The use of two different credit reports provides a highly accurate overview and ensures that every cent is accounted for. This gives you the confidence to apply for the credits and loans you know will make a difference.

The Lowdown on Credit Sesame

Much like Credit Karma, the aim of Credit Sesame is to evaluate your financial standing and help to eliminate the hardships associate with debt and poor credit. A completely free piece of software, Credit Sesame can be found in both the Apple and Android marketplaces. Installed in next to no time, Credit Sesame quickly puts you in touch with your free credit rating.

And it’s a credit rating that Credit Sesame is determined to either maintain (you may already be in a fantastic position) or, if you need a little help, improve it to the kind of levels that open up a whole new world of opportunity. It’s an enticing pitch, so let’s take a look at the tools that Credit Sesame can offer:

  • An estimated credit score based on the highly accurate TransUnion reporting bureau
  • Your total debt (including every factor such as auto finance, student loans, cell phone bills) is laid bare to give you a comprehensive understanding of where you are
  • The option of signing up to credit monitoring alerts to keep your credit in check or improve whenever possible
  • Signing up to Credit Sesame provides instant identity theft insurance to the tune of $50,000 to provide amazing peace of mind

It’s not difficult to see why Credit Sesame offers a fantastic opportunity to tackle your debt head on. Not only is there the honest appraisal of where your debt lies, but there’s also the built in credit alerts to help maintain your credit and avoid any potential pitfalls. Coupled with an ability to recommend the best available rates for personal loans and credit cards, Credit Sesame promises to make a real difference to your finances.

Who Wins? Credit Karma or Credit Sesame?

The truth is that, when it comes to your credit score, both Credit Karma and Credit Sesame can make a real difference depending on your circumstances.

Credit Karma, of course, provides the most accurate report thanks to its use of multiple reporting bureaus. And this could prove crucial if you’re planning to apply for a major loan in the very near future. There’s also the promise of grounded decision making thanks to the credit simulator and this type of forward thinking can make a significant difference to your future finances.

On the other hand, Credit Sesame helps to deliver an exhaustive analysis of your debt to help show you exactly where you stand and exactly where you need to start. The credit alerts are, essentially, your credit scores best friend, ready to keep it in check and improve its life. And, finally, the identity theft insurance is highly welcome in an age of distrust.

Therefore, it’s down to you to decide which areas of your finance need the most work. And, don’t forget, you’re more than welcome to download both apps to take different viewpoints on your credit score. Either way, you’re going to find that your credit score is only going to go one way, and that’s upwards.


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