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Stop Over Paying For Cable And Internet

Have you ever wondered if you’re paying too much for your monthly bills? Spending hours on the phone with customer service representatives isn’t an appealing way to spend an afternoon, but it could serve to lower your bills. In the past, these tedious phone calls were truly the only way to haggle for a better deal on the monthly essentials like cable, phone, and internet.

Now, there’s a brand-new way to save hundreds on your bills each month, and it doesn’t even require any work on your part.

AskTrim works on your behalf to negotiate some of your most common bills with major providers. Many monthly subscription-based services are eligible for this digital negotiation with a feisty little robot who speaks up on your behalf. If you’ve been wondering just how much money you’re throwing away every month, you may want to start researching what this bot can do for you.

What is AskTrim?

This service offers consumers a hassle-free way to evaluate their current spending habits. In essence, it helps you to manage your money more efficiently which could lead to greater savings. AskTrim has a number of useful services when you sign up, including:

  • Tracking expenditures and updating you via text message
  • Finding and canceling your monthly subscriptions
  • Negotiating your cable or internet bill

There are two ways to sign up for Trim through facebook or your email address. New users should expect to spend approximately thirty seconds filling out all of the required details before they can move onto the savings portion of the program.

You can quickly connect your accounts once your Trim membership is all set up. Don’t worry about entering too much of your personal information into an unsecured site. With Trim, security is a priority, which is why they feature SSL encryption, two-factor authentication, and read-only access.

Not sure what all of that means? It’s really just a fancy way to say they have bank-level security to protect sensitive information.

The neat and clean interface makes it simple to save money with only a few minutes to spare. Even if you aren’t super tech-savvy, you shouldn’t have any difficulty following the prompts to connect all of your accounts.

Trim will take a few moments to analyze your current bank accounts and spending habits. This is how to it sorts through your recurring subscriptions, the price you pay for internet and cable, and your total balance spent on sites like Amazon this month.

How does Trim work?

Once all of your important information is linked to the Trim account, you start seeing how much money you can save. The biggest bonus for consumers is the ability to negotiate their bills using this artificial intelligence bot. By linking your account with a phone number or your Facebook messenger account, Trim can start to talk with your providers about what you spend each month.

Will it be able to reduce your cable bill to nothing? Probably not, but it does save users an average of $30 per bill. Some users will experience a significant price drop of up to $150 per month.

Millions of consumers have already started using Trim, saving more than $1.2 million on their monthly bills. This grand total should be cause for massive celebration. That means thousands of users have been able to take money out of the hands of big corporations without having to pick up the phone.

Trim will continue to monitor your monthly subscriptions and accounts to determine if it can save you more money in the future. If the opportunity arises, the bot will go to bat for you once more.

What does it cost?

Perhaps this is the most important question regarding the amazing leaps in technology that AskTrim presents. What is it going to cost you to save on your monthly bills?

Fortunately, Trim only takes a percentage of the money that you would save on the bills annually. Similar services may take up to half of the negotiated amount, but Trimrequests only 25 percent of the annualized savings. This seems like a very small price to pay in exchange for the hassle-free savings presented.

What happens if Trim isn’t able to cut down the costs on your cable bill? Consumers will love the security of knowing that they don’t have to pay a dime if Trim isn’t able to assist them. You get all of the benefits of having this nagging little bot battle the big corporations for you with no risk at all.

When it comes to saving money on your monthly bills, everyone would like to put a few dollars back in their pocket. What if you could save money with this handy bot without wasting hours of your time? Take a few minutes to see what Trim can offer you. It’s absolutely no risk to you, but it could come with a significant benefit.

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