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9 Stupid Simple Ways to Make Extra Cash in 2019

Hey, 2019. New Year, new you, right? But how long does that last?

Yea I’ll make my usual lose weight, save more money, and travel more resolutions, but let’s face it, these “goals” aren’t going to come true without a solid plan.

And to save more money? Well, it’ll be easier if you have more money to begin with, right? So we’ll focus on that and lay it all out – Here’s our list of stupid simple ways to make extra cash for 2019.

1. Everyone needs a bank account, just not one of those banks your parents bank at. 

Everyone needs a bank account, just not one of those banks your parents bank at. When is the last time you walked into a bank? Have you ever looked closely at your bank statement and wonder what and why all of those crazy high fees? ATM fees, savings account fees, all kinds of fees that suck away your hard earned cash. Well they have to pay for those buildings right? It’s time join Empower, they are a FREE mobile bank, with no fees! Imagine that, and they offer unmatched rewards.

  • Free ATM’s, access to over 25,000 ATM’s with no frees and 1 out of network reimbersement a month, anywhere in the world.
  • Free, no minimums. How cool is that?
  • Some of the best interest rates from 2% – 4% on your savings account
  • Get  cash back, up to 2% on the first $1,000 of purchases each month
  • AI assistance built into the app.
  • Pay anywhere Visa is accepted, and with Apple Pay and Venmo

When you compare these benefits along with all of the traditional bank fees it’s a no brainer to download the app and give Empower at try.

Key Savings vs traditional bank fees


Checking Fee: $0

Account Minimum Fee: $0

Overdraft Fee: $0

Insufficient Fund Fee: $0

ATM’s: $0

International transaction fee: $0


Monthly fee: $0

Account minimum fee: $0

Interest rates: 2%-4%

GET FREE Mobile Banking

2. Get Paid For Playing Free In App Scratch Off Games

Don’t you just love that satisfying feeling of those convince store scratch off tickets? Yeah me too. The problem is you have to get in your car, pull out some cash and most of the time you don’t always win.

That’s where Lucktastic comes in. It’s a free app that you can download here with digital scratch-off tickets where you can win $1 to $10,000 just for scratching off tickets! You can also play games, enter contests and earn tokens for cash and prizes all with Lucktastic, earn and win daily. There are no deposits needed or in app purchases either. When its time to redeem your earnings you can do so you can choose from:

Scratched all of them for the day? Don’t worry, there are specific night-time scratchers that are available every night too!

When its time to redeem your earnings you can do so you can choose from:

  • Amazon gift cards
  • Walmart gift cards
  • Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards
  • Burger King gift cards

⭐ Justin B. from Illinois won $10,000 in the Crack the Safe contest
⭐ Shannon S. from New Jersey won $5,000 in the Candies & Cash contest
⭐ Janice R. from California won $500 in the Groceries for a Month contest

Lucktastic keeps things free by showing a few ads here and there. It’s so easy, just turn it on the next time you’re binge-watching on Netflix and multi-task!

A Little Cheddar Insight: In order to keep the Lucktastic free and the payouts high the app is supported by advertising which you will see from time to time. Go ahead and scratch that itch.


3. Snap a Pic of Your Grocery Receipt. Get Cash Back.

It’s 2019 you shouldn’t have to print or cut out coupons to save on groceries? This free app solves that problem. Ibotta is a FREE app that allows you to get cash back for items you purchase.

And with more trips to the grocery store, make sure you’re not missing out on free money.

It’s simple. All you have to do is take a picture of your grocery/bar/restaurant receipt and Ibotta will pay you cash.

So before you go to the store or bar, search for your items in the Ibotta app. After your visit, take a photo of your receipt to get cash back.

On average, active Ibotta users get back up $240 a year. What would you do with that extra money?

Ibotta is free to download and you’ll also get a $10 sign up bonus after uploading your first receipt!


4. Binge out on TV, Videos and Games for Money

Listening to your favorite music? Checking Instagram? Watching Netflix? While you are doing that why not make some easy extra money with InboxDollars. How you many ask? First you sign up with InboxDollars which is a cash back and rewards site. InboxDollars pays its members to: Sign Up, Read E-Mail, Refer Others, Join Survey Sites, Play Games, Complete Offer, Watch Videos and More!

Get a $5 Sign Up Bonus! If you are new to InboxDollars you can earn $5.00 just for signing up for an account. You will need to verify your email address to get this bonus added to your account.

Watching videos can be a good way to earn some extra cash. InboxDollars will provide a playlist and all you have to do is watch all of the videos in a playlist to earn. The playlist range from a few minutes to a half an hour or so.

Insider info: You can earn up to $200+ per month doing so.


5. Winning! Play Games & Boost Your Savings at the Same Time

Did you know you can save and make money while playing games? Well you can with the Long Game app. Long Game is an app where you can earn interest and rewards for saving money.

First, start by downloading the Long Game app and open a savings account (btw, it’s FDIC insured up to $250,000 so it’s legit).

Once you have set up your Long Game savings account you will can play games from slots, card games and more for chances to win money to increase your savings

You earn interest and rewards as you achieve your goals. Play fun mobile games. The more you save the more chances you earn to play.

Win Cash & Prizes up to $1,000,000, or win cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. It’s time to get your game on. Get 300 coins by downloading the Long Game app and link your bank account today!

  • You earn interest and rewards as you achieve your goals
  • Play fun mobile games.
  • The more you save the more chances you earn to play
  • Win Cash & Prizes up to $1,000,000 or win Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin

Go ahead and download Long Game Savings a savings app that turns saving into a game.

Just play 1 game a day, and you could win cash daily.


6. Set & Forget Savings + Get a 1% Bonus Every Quarter (Up to $1,800 / Year)

Throw away your old piggy bank there is a new and simple way to save for music festivals and vacation getaways. No more worrying about if you saved enough for that special time.

You won’t even notice it but Digit will make it happen.

Just link a checking account and their smart algorithm will determine small but safe amounts to withdraw into your separate FDIC-Insured Digit savings account.

Regular savers will get a 1% bonus every three months, netting you some free money!

It’s the perfect set-it-and-forget-it app where the AI will watch your savings back.

You can withdraw your money at any time you need and it’s free to use for the first 30 days. After, it’s just $2.99 a month.

Average savings in a month (varies): $144 or more
What it could add up to in a year: $1,728 or more
Quarterly bonus: 1% on your total savings amount
Additional Referral Earnings: $5 per referral


7. Have This AI Bot Lower Your Monthly Bills

I am sure you have heard how AI (artificial intelligence) will take over the world. A little scary right? The good news for us is that the Trim AI bot works on our behalf. Trim takes on big biz to save you money.

With Trim’s AI bot there’s a brand-new way to save hundreds on your bills each month, and it doesn’t even require any work on your part. No longer do you have to wonder if you are spending to much on your cable, internet or other bills. Trim will even let you know and cancel that monthly subscription you forgot about. Gone are the days of spending hours on the phone with customer service representatives trying to lower or identify bills. In the past, there tedious phone calls were truly the only way to haggle for a better deal on the monthly essentials like cable, phone and internet, let trim haggle for you.

BTW, Trim works with Comcast, Time Warner, Charter and other major providers

AskTrim has a number of useful services when you sign up, including:

  • Negotiating your cable or internet bill
  • Finding and canceling your monthly subscriptions
  • Tracking expenditures and updating you via text message

Trim is super easy to setup and once done you can quickly connect your accounts so Trim can go to work fro you. With Trim, security is a priority, which is why they feature SSL encryption, two-factor authentication, and read-only access. Not sure what all of that means? It’s really just a fancy way to say they have bank-level security to protect sensitive information.

“You saved me $660 on my AT&T bill for the year” -Donna

“You Guys saved me over $100 on my cable bill in under 120 Hours. Wild!”- Christopher


8. Get Paid To Share Your Opinion Anytime

Everyone has an opinion. Why not make some extra money giving yours. Taking surveys and giving your opinion is an easy way to make extra cash. Survey Junkie is a survey site that pays you for taking surveys on everyday products and services. Brand are constantly looking for feedback on their products or service and are willing to pay you for it.

Survey Junkie surveys are easy and quick to complete and will reward you with points that you can redeem for giftcards, via Pyapla or direct deposit. Once you earn 1,000 points or $10.00 you can cash out. You can make a difference as a consumer and your opinion matters.

Survey Junkie is fun, entertaining, informational, thought provoking & rewarding. I will highly recommend it for nice easy surveys & good rewards.” Louis R.

Give it a go. You can earn quick 100 points ($1 value) for signing up and verifying your email. Super easy, you just made a buck!

Redeem via:

  • Online gift cards
  • Paypal cash
  • Bank transfer

9. Get Paid To Get In Shape

Losing weight is certainly a tough task, but is it actually possible to lose weight and gain money at the same time? It sounds like the most unbelievable offer ever for staying healthy, looking good and keeping your bank balance topped up, but it’s all true thanks to HealthyWage.

First off, you need to head over to the HealthyWage and check out their HealthyWage Prize Calculator so that you can enter the following information: The amount of weight you’re aiming to lose – this has to be at least 10% of your starting weight and can range from just 10 pounds up to 150 pounds. Then how much time you’re willing to take to lose this weight (6-18 months). The amount of money you’re happy to wage each month, this can be between $20 to $150 per month. Once you’ve entered all this data, it’s time to commit and hit the Sign-up button. The final step, of course is the hardest and that’s to lose weight and claim your prize.

“I would definitely (and have) recommended this program to my friends! For people who are competitive, it will definitely motivate them to win!” –Valerie A. won $1,000.00

So if you need some motivation to lose weight, here’s how it works:

1. Check out our full HealthyWage review and sign up
2. Decide on a weight goal & amount of time to achieve it
3. Bet on yourself ranging from $20-$500 a month
4. You could win up to $10,000 depending on your HealthyWager!


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