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Top 14 Budget-Friendly Family Activities for Single Moms

Being a single mom comes with its own set of challenges, including managing finances while ensuring quality time with your children. However, creating lasting memories and enjoying fun activities as a family doesn’t have to break the bank. In this blog post, we will explore 14 budget-friendly family activities specifically tailored for single moms. These activities will not only provide entertainment for your children but also strengthen the bond between you and your kids without straining your budget.If you want to know more about stay at home mom saving money, click here.

  1. Picnic at the Park:

Take advantage of the beautiful outdoor spaces in your area by organizing a picnic at the park. Pack a delicious and affordable homemade meal, bring a blanket, and enjoy quality time with your children in nature.

  1. Movie Night at Home:

Transform your living room into a cozy movie theater by dimming the lights, popping some popcorn, and watching your favorite family-friendly movies together. This activity is both affordable and convenient.

  1. DIY Arts and Crafts:

Engage your children’s creativity by organizing a DIY arts and crafts session at home. Use materials you already have, such as paper, glue, scissors, and recycled items, to create unique and personalized crafts.

  1. Nature Walks and Scavenger Hunts:

Explore the beauty of nature by going on nature walks and scavenger hunts. Create a list of items for your children to find, such as leaves, rocks, or flowers. This activity is not only fun but also educational.

  1. Library Visits:

Visit your local library and encourage your children to explore the world of books. Many libraries offer free storytime sessions and other engaging activities for kids. It’s a great way to foster a love for reading and learning.

  1. DIY Cooking and Baking:

Get your children involved in the kitchen by cooking and baking together. Choose simple and budget-friendly recipes that your kids can participate in. It’s a fun way to teach them valuable life skills while enjoying delicious treats.

  1. Outdoor Sports and Games:

Organize outdoor sports and games in your backyard or a local park. Play soccer, basketball, or create your own relay races. These activities promote physical fitness and provide an opportunity for friendly competition.

  1. Visit Local Community Centers:

Check out your local community centers for free or low-cost activities and events. They often offer workshops, classes, and recreational programs tailored for families.

  1. Beach or Pool Day:

If you’re fortunate to live near a beach or have access to a pool, plan a day of water fun with your kids. Pack some snacks, sunscreen, and enjoy a refreshing day in the water.

  1. Family Bike Rides:

Explore your neighborhood by going on family bike rides. It’s a great way to stay active, enjoy the outdoors, and discover new places together.

  1. DIY Science Experiments:

Turn your kitchen into a science lab and conduct simple and exciting experiments with your children. You can find numerous science experiment ideas online that require common household items.

  1. Volunteer as a Family:

Teach your children the value of giving back by volunteering as a family. Find local community service opportunities that align with your interests and spend a day making a positive impact together.

  1. Cultural and Historical Sites:

Visit local cultural and historical sites that offer free or low-cost admission. It’s an opportunity for your children to learn about their community’s heritage while having a great time.

  1. DIY Camping in the Backyard:

Create a camping experience right in your own backyard. Pitch a tent, roast marshmallows, tell stories, and enjoy the magic of camping without leaving home.


Being a single mom doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice creating memorable experiences with your children. These 14 budget-friendly family activities are designed to help you bond with your kids while being mindful of your finances. Remember, it’s the time and effort you put into these activities that truly matters. Enjoy the journey of parenthood and make lasting memories with your children without breaking the bank.


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